Expanded Metal Uses for Oil and Gas Industries
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 23:13
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expanded metal used in constructionMany jobs in the oil and gas industry require employees to work in dangerous conditions, where they risk slipping and falling when oil, chemical waste, seawater, and even rain and snow cover grating, stairs, ladders, and walkways in their work area. In spite of having strict safety regulations in place in the plant and at the jobsite, these areas can still get slippery. The solution? Properly coated expanded metal surfaces can improve ergonomics and reduce potential injuries that lead to Workman's Compensation claims.

Expanded metal machines from Adame EM Solutions provide you with a way to keep your employees safe and your safety record unblemished. Our engineers will work with you to create sheets of expanded metal that can be coated, cut, and fabricated to your exact needs and specifications.

Why Expanded Metal Offers Strength And Traction

In the petroleum industry, some equipment to drill, extract, process, transport, and store gas and oil may be at ground level or may even extend hundreds of feet above or below ground. The stairways, ladders, and walkways used to access the equipment must be strong and stable, while still allowing drainage. Expanded metal grating is strong enough to bear weight and can be fabricated in a variety of flattened or raised designs to optimize traction and drainage.

What makes expanded metal a good choice for use in the oil industry is that it can easily be coated with slip resistant or anti-corrosive material for visibility and traction wherever it is used. Installation is easy, so coated expanded metal panels can be used to cost-effectively retrofit areas that need improved traction for workers and equipment.

Expanded Metal Uses In the Gas And Oil Industry

Gas and oil production is both labor and equipment intensive and requires that its many components perform at optimal levels. Expanded metal parts and fittings are ideal for the petroleum industry, where they are used as ergonimic grating, flooring, machinery guards, and more to keep employees safe.

When operations move offshore, equipment used to locate and extract oil and gas are exposed to salt water. Coated expanded metal stairs and walkways resist corrosion and remain structurally sound. Underwater drilling operates from a large rig that uses grating throughout. Workers are very conscious that this grating used on elevated platforms and stairs is what separates them from the water below.

Other operations in the industry utilize catch tanks, blow back tanks, and boiler buildings that may require rolling stairways or hydraulic catwalks to access. Expanded metal meets the needs for mobile accessories as well as permanently-located flooring and stair substrates, each with the ability to allow your workers to function safely and efficiently.

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