Expanded Metal uses For Farm Implements & Machinery
Monday, 08 September 2014 21:44
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The farm implements market is projected to be a $122.9 billion industry by 2017, due to increasing demand for agricultural products. The market is dominated by tractors, plowing and cultivating equipment, and many machines and implements possess features made of expanded metal. This strong, versatile product made from many ferrous and non-ferrous metals is widely used in machinery bodies, grills, screens, strainers, and more.

Why Expanded Metal is Important In Farm Machinery

What makes expanded metal a particularly good choice for farm equipment is that it is built as a strong screen-like sheet with holes that can release heat, liquid, or depending on the size of the opening, particles. Sheets of plate or metal are slit multiple times and stretched to form a diamond pattern that can be modified in later operations. Since the process rearranges the metal rather than removing it, the resulting sheet is structurally sound at all parts of the diamond. The material will not unravel as woven products might and does not waste material like many perforated metal operations do.

Useful In Corn Management

The characteristics of expanded metal come into play with many vital pieces of equipment used on an average farm. In processing corn, for example, housings, structural components, grills, and safety guards made of this product aid performance and enhance safety:

  • Corn cribs, which hold harvested corn, are structures built above the ground with slats in the walls that allow airflow and aids drying. Whether a corn crib is a sole structure or part of a large barn that contains several bins, expanded metal sides let in air and permits vision, while keeping rodents out.
  • Corn cribs also have a floor section made of expanded metal to permit natural air or ambient air drying to get the product to what is considered a safe storage moisture level that will keep it safe from spoilage, yet remain fresh. When the corn is shelled (removed from the ear), the drying process is aided with fans located below a perforated expanded metal floor that facilitate airflow and heat circulation. Some of the most effective bins are built with larger diameter floors and shorter sidewalls to consume less power.
  • Expanded metal is also useful for grills and safety guards on corn choppers. Also called forage harvesters, this machine cuts corn, grass, or other plants into silage, which is compacted in a silo and fermented to become livestock feed. Either an attachment for a tractor or a self-propelled machine, the device directly cuts the crop with reciprocal knives, disc mowers, or large saw-like blades and blows it out a chute to a truck or wagon driving nearby. This useful machine can be dangerous, which requires sturdy grills and safety guards to reduce potential injury.

Other Uses On The Farm

Expanded metal parts are important to planting and managing other grain and produce as well:

  • Seeding Machines have lightweight screens that control the quantity of seeds deposited in furrows.
  • Grain cleaners have strong screens that restrain the green while releasing the chaff.
  • Peanut picking machines have strong expanded metal beds to receive peanuts cut from the plant.
  • Cotton picking machines have lightweight expanded metal bodies to catch and retain the cotton, reduce moisture, and offer ventilation
  • Cotton wagons have expanded metal sides and ends that permit a greater payload with less turbulence during loading.

Expanded metal parts are also used where animals are kept:

  • Hog pens frequently feature expanded metal floors and sides to facilitate airflow and reduce odors, permit droppings to fall through, and make the floor easier to clean and skid resistant.
  • Automatic feeders for animals of all types have expanded metal grills for protection and airflow.

Adame Expanded Metal Solutions

Expanded metal is useful in many aspects of farm machinery. As a provider of equipment and engineering expertise in expanded metal applications, Adame EM Solutions is happy to consult with you about ways to specifically apply our technology to the farm products you need. Contact us today for turnkey solutions, equipment, and design service.

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