Expanded Metal Is Practical And Functional But Also Idea For Use In Décor
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 21:25
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Expanded Metal Uses In Décor

expanded metal patio furnitureMade through a process that gives it strength and function, expanded metal also has a built-in attractiveness, which makes it a logical choice décor.

Built In Decorator Touches

Expanded metal is made through a multi-stage process that first flattens it, then slits it, and then stretches it to form a diamond pattern. The shape of the diamond opening varies according to the amount of stretching, while further variation results from flattening the sheet. The standard shape is a rhombic or diamond shape, but it can be stretched to form a hexagon or other custom shapes.

Properties Of Expanded Metal

Because the openings in the metal result from stretching it rather than stamping the shapes, the material is stronger at the corners of each diamond. Expanded metal is rigid and won't lose its shape or become distorted. While it looks like mesh, it won't unravel. It is available in sheets of differing sizes, gauges, openings, materials, with countless variations in the appearance of the pattern.

The product is easy to coat if you want a particular color or texture. Typically, it is galvanized, oxidized, PVC coated, or painted to blend in or stand out wherever it is used.

Expanded Metal Uses In Décor

This unique combination of features and properties is beneficial when you are looking for unique materials for residential and commercial settings. The uses are endless, but here are a few.

Architectural features: Expanded metal has long been used in industry to create slip-resistant steps, walkways, platforms, and machine guards. When used in commercial design, expanded metal gives a high-tech look for steps, fences, and walkways, especially if kept with its natural metallic finish.

Functional building décor: When added as a façade, expanded metal panels can serve as a sun shield or a decorative facing.

Ceilings: When used as a ceiling, it will cover unsightly pipes and wiring while allowing for ventilation.

Partitions: Expanded metal makes an attractive room divider or partition, especially in circumstances where sound-proofing is not an issue.

Art and Advertising: Expanded metal provides sturdy backing for signs and displays, while adding a design element of its own. When creatively fabricated, expanded metal panels become public art sculptures.

Equipment grills: Expanded metal allows sound, light, and air to pass while preventing damage to delicate and valuable speakers and equipment.

Furniture: The patterns in expanded metal make it a good choice for outdoor furniture or even interior furniture with an industrial appearance. It can be easily fabricated into chairs that are comfortable and tables that are sturdy.

Playground Equipment: When flattened, expanded metal is smooth enough to be used for swings and seating. It can also be used for fencing and enclosures.

Producing Expanded Metal Panels

An expanded metal machine is designed to work with the material you desire to produce the tolerance, gauge, thickness, width, and other characteristics you need. Usually, a expanded metal machine consists of a series of units that perform the various rolling, slitting, stretching, flattening, and cutting operations.

If you use expanded metal in your business, you can outsource the product or have a turnkey system installed by professionals who will retrofit the equipment to your engineering specifications.

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