Expanded Metal Used In Patio Furniture
Thursday, 02 June 2016 20:42
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expanded metal patio chairs

Now that the weather is getting warmer, consumers start thinking about updating their outdoor furniture along with their barbecue grill. Both of these product groups represent good potential for expanded metal.

Expanded metal is strong enough for chairs, picnic tables, chaise lounges, settees, and other pieces of furniture typically used on porches and patios. Expanded metal grates that sit atop grills are strong and functional. Regardless of the base metal, the product can be coated with thermoplastic for a decorative look that also makes it impervious to weather.

Making Expanded Metal Furniture

Expanded metal used for furniture, like all expanded metal products, is made by the same process of feeding metal through a multistage expanded metal machine that first flattens it, then cuts slits all over its surface, and then stretches it to create a lattice or diamond pattern. The metal that results is designated according to the measurement of the short way of the diamond (SWD) as well as by gauge, which usually indicates the weight per hundred square feet.

The mesh that is used for furniture often has an SWD of ½” to ¾” and is considered intermediate mesh. Aside from furniture, mesh with this SWD is also used for vents, chimney caps, lockers, grills, and much more.

More Characteristics Of Expanded Metal

Aside from the SWD, expanded metal is distinguished by its gauge, the weight per hundred square feet, and the width and thickness of the metal strands. When the product is used for the grate on barbecue grills, in contrast to other outdoor uses, all of these variables might be greater so that the piece of expanded metal is thicker and heavier, with bigger SWD dimensions.

Especially for furniture and even outdoor cooking equipment, expanded metal is frequently flattened so that it is smooth to the touch, more comfortable to sit on, and less likely to snag clothes or trap food. The flattening is done by running the metal through a cold roll reducing mill parallel to the long way of the diamond (LWD). As this sheet is flattened, the bonds and strand of the metal are turned down so that the surface is smooth and flat, while the LWD becomes even longer.

Advantages Of Expanded Metal Outdoor Furniture

The advantages of expanded metal are used to great effect in furnishings.

  • The process is “green,” in the sense that there is no scrap in the manufacture. Material is reconfigured in the stretching process, rather than removed as with perforated metal.
  • Metal furniture has a sleek, industrial look about it when used in its natural state, while coated furniture is both trendy and resistant to rust.
  • Since the product won’t unravel, expanded metal furniture is durable, strong, and rigid enough to endure outdoor conditions.
  • There are no size limitations on the finished product.
  • The diamonds allow for easy flow of air, liquid, or light, which makes the furniture stay cool and clear.

Adame EM Solution Can Help You Acquire Manufacturing Capacity

If your business is manufacturing outdoor furniture, you should consider making expanded metal in-house. Adame EM Solutions offers both the equipment and engineering and consulting services and can adapt machinery to your needs. Contact us today to see how having the right equipment can make you competitive in the outdoor furniture marketplace.

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