Expanded Metal Offers Solutions For Security Fencing
Tuesday, 21 July 2015 20:57
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Expanded Metal Security Fencing

Many industrial companies fence their property to keep intruders out, protect occupants, and increase security. Whether your property poses a risk to visitors or contains high-volume items, an expanded metal fence can do the job. Available in various gauges, metals, and diamond openings to suit your security needs, this type of metal fencing offers strength and durability, and is more attractive than traditional chain link fencing.




Industries For Expanded Metal Security Fencing

With its advanced ability for security, expanded metal fencing is a popular alternative for many industries:

  • Airports
  • Border security
  • Correctional facilities
  • Manufacturers
  • Rail lines
  • Retail display areas (i.e. garden shops)
  • Roads and highways
  • Utilities

Security Fencing For Electric Power Providers

One industry that relies on expanded metal fencing is the electric power industry, which has made a large investment in substations to disseminate electricity. Their grounds often house high-voltage equipment that can be deadly to people and animals who access the property, and can cause damage and disrupt service. Small animals such as snakes, squirrels, rats, and raccoons can dig or slither under, break through, or climb over fences, and once on the property can cause outages when they are caught and electrocuted on the equipment.

Human invaders can penetrate the area and sabotage or disrupt operations, as well as steal property.

However, expanded metal fencing is much more difficult to penetrate. When property owners also have video security and motion detectors in place, they have ample time to detect intruders before break-ins can occur.

While equipment on your property may not have the deadly potential found at substations, you're still concerned about theft and security. Expanded metal mesh fence panels can be retrofitted over your existed chain-link fences, or installed new. Many commercial companies have developed proprietary security fencing systems based on the capacities of expanded metal.

The Expanded Metal Process Makes It Ideal For Security Applications

The way that expanded metal is made gives it properties hard to replicate by other processes. As sheets or plates of metal are fed through a machine, they are slit and stretched to form a diamond pattern. The process rearranges the metal instead of removing it, which leaves the resulting material structurally sound and incapable of unraveling. This means that expanded metal sheets are stronger than perforated metal and less susceptible to vandalism or destruction like simple mesh or chain link.

Since the desired characteristics of the finished expanded metal piece are engineered in beforehand, as an end-user you can choose the appropriate metal, thickness, gauge, shape and spacing of the diamond pattern. Providers of expanded metal services can work with customers to customize the materials for their applications.

Contact Adame Expanded Metal Solutions Today

If you are in the market for expanded metal machinery to serve your security fencing clients, Adame EM Solutions can consult with you and provide you with both equipment and engineering expertise to help you satisfy your customers' needs. Contact us today at800-605-6990 for turnkey solutions, equipment, and design services.

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