Expanded Metal Machinery Solutions

Expanded Metal Machinery Company Adame EM Solutions, LLC is an integrated solutions provider to the worldwide expanded metal industry. We design and manufacture customized expanded metal machinery, provide turnkey project management, and provide business development consulting services. We also are a distributor for recoilers, uncoilers, slitters, control systems, servo feeds, and other auxiliary equipment. Adame EM Solutions, LLC has over 15 years of experience in the expanded metal industry and is a leading supplier of expanded metal machinery to large filter manufacturers for various industries. We are based in Houston, Texas and conveniently located near a major seaport.

Customer Driven Solutions

We strive to provide expanded metal solutions to our customers that will increase their profitability and allow them to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industry. Adame EM Solutions works closely with our customer’s engineering, operations, and purchasing departments in order to provide the most effective solution to meet their business needs. Customer driven solutions have included the following:

  • Increase the capacity, reliability, and speed of their expanded metal production and capability.expanded metal watermark
  • Replace aging and poor performing machinery and equipment.
  • Operate machinery on multiple shifts for 24 hours365 days with maximum operating time and minimal downtime associated with maintenance or re-adjustment of press room equipment.
  • Expand into emerging markets with new expanded metal designs that require customized expanded metal machinery and auxiliary equipment.
  • Vertical Integration of the manufacturing process for expanded metal to reduce costs, lead times, and control the quality of the finished product.
  • Availability of spare parts that is available off the shelf. (i.e. we utilize SKF Bearings in our design).

When expanding metal consider the following: Metal Type, Metal Thickness, Expanded Pattern, Strand Width and Unit, Weight, Thickness of Expanded Product, Piece of Coil size.

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